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Drenching Rain Comes to Italy

While much of Italy has been dry so far this June, that is expected to change this weekend and into the following week in a big way.

A storm system moving into the Mediterranean will bring steady and at times heavy rainfall across central and northern Italy for almost a week.

Many locations that have seen less than half of their normal precipitation for the month, and in some instances less than a quarter their normal precipitation, will be looking at a months worth of precipitation this week.

Tuscany has been particularly dry this month. Florence, Italy, has only had 0.03 of an inch of rain on the month.

Cities likely to be hit hard by the storm include Florence, Bologna, Genoa, Turin, Milan and Rome.

Rainfall totals across much of central and northern Italy will total 2 inches or more for most places, with the heaviest rainfall bringing widespread totals over 3 inches.

According to Meteorologist Tyler Roys, flooding will be a concern. "Considering how dry the region has been as of late, the ground will struggle to absorb the expected amount of rainfall. Any location that has a quick inch or two of rain will need to be concerned with flash flooding."

"In the more mountainous areas, mudslides will certainly be a possibility", continued Roys.

Roys was also worried about river flooding as well. "The amount of rain expected may tax rivers by the end of the week. If any one region has too much rain, expect rivers to crest at or above flood stage."

While the soaking rain will bring plenty of negative impacts, crops struggling due the recent dry spell will have some recovery. Also, temperatures are running well above normal for many locations in the region this month. The storm will bring much cooler conditions to the relief of many.