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Saturday Violent Storm Threat to Center on Nebraska

Severe thunderstorms will ignite from western Texas to Minnesota and Wisconsin on Saturday with elevated violent storm risks centered on Nebraska and portions of Colorado, Iowa and Kansas.

As a storm system pushes eastward from the Rockies and into a zone of warm and more humid air over the Plains, it will fuel strong to locally severe thunderstorms Saturday morning over the northern Plains.

Cities at risk for dangerous weather conditions Saturday into Saturday night include Omaha, Nebraska; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Des Moines, Iowa; and Wichita, Kansas. Severe storms may reach part of the metro areas of Denver and Minneapolis as well.

The threat of severe weather on Saturday is higher than what has occurred elsewhere across the nation this week.

The storms could threaten Saturday afternoon and evening play at the 2014 College World Series in Omaha.

As with any thunderstorm, lightning will pose the greatest danger to those outdoors.

During this particular event, winds from the storms may not only bring risks to high profile vehicles but also may down trees and power lines. Hail may be large enough to break windows, destroy crops and damage roofs. Enough rain may fall to cause incidents of flash flooding.

The first stages of severe thunderstorm development Saturday could also yield isolated tornadoes in parts of Nebraska, northeastern Colorado, southeastern South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota.

According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Scott Breit, "We think separate severe thunderstorms on Saturday over Nebraska are likely to grow together quickly, form a large complex of storms and transform into a large hail and damaging wind event."

Breit is concerned that some of the tornadoes may be concealed by heavy rain.

This complex of storms will begin to bow eastward and southward Saturday night across Nebraska, Iowa, northern Kansas, southern Minnesota and southwestern Wisconsin.

"There will also be isolated tornadoes developing farther south late Saturday afternoon and evening along a boundary of dry air and moist air extending into western and central Kansas," Breit said.

Isolated strong to severe thunderstorms will extend into the Oklahoma Panhandle and western Texas.

On Father's Day, the risk of severe weather will extend farther east. Thunderstorms on Sunday will extend from eastern Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Illinois, Missouri, southeastern Kansas and part of Oklahoma.

Cities that could be impacted by the storms at some point on Sunday include Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri.

"The storms on Sunday will bring threats from large hail and damaging wind gusts," Breit said.

People who plan on being outdoors either camping, fishing or at ballgames in areas threatened by storms are encouraged to keep an eye on the weather and be alert for rapidly changing conditions. Seek shelter as storms approach.

On a positive note, the rainfall over the Plains will continue to chip away at long-term drought. Favorable weather this spring is assisting in the growth of the corn crop.