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Severe Weather Risk Engulfs France to Poland, Austria

The blazing heat building across central Europe is setting the stage for a multi-day severe weather event through Wednesday.

A cold front slicing into what is proving to be the hottest air mass so far this year is putting areas from France to western Poland and northern Italy at risk for violent thunderstorms.

The outbreak will commence Monday afternoon across western and northern France to the Netherlands before tracking to northwestern Germany in the evening.

This same corridor will first face a handful of thunderstorms with hail and damaging winds to end the weekend.

The strongest thunderstorms Monday afternoon and evening will be capable of producing damaging winds, hail and blinding downpours. Meteorologist Tyler Roys is also concerned for a tornado or two to touch down, mainly in the corridor from northern France to northwestern Germany.

Paris lies within this zone, as well as Brussels, Belgium; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Dusseldorf, Germany.

The severe weather danger will then shift to places from Denmark to central Germany to Switzerland and neighboring France on Tuesday. This would put Copenhagen, Denmark, Hamburg and Munich, Germany, and Zurich, Switzerland at risk.

Tuesday's severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, hail and downpours may tend to be more numerous across Denmark and northern Germany and more localized in nature elsewhere.

Regardless of the coverage area, it only takes one severe thunderstorm to cause damage to a home or community. Residents are also urged to remember to move indoors as soon as thunder is heard; you are then close enough to be struck by lightning.

On Wednesday, the corridor from western Poland to northern Italy and southeastern France may become the target of some severe thunderstorms.

Setting the stage for the impending severe weather is the heat that will bring the highest temperatures so far this year across most of central Europe.

Temperatures on Monday and Tuesday will soar to 32 F (90 F) or higher northward to Germany and western Poland. Tuesday's high in Berlin will top out at near 34 C (95 F).