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Flooding, Severe Storms to End Weekend in Plains

The stormy pattern that has set up over the southern Plains will continue over the region right into the beginning of the new week.

Severe thunderstorms are forecast to erupt yet again from southeastern Colorado to northern Texas on Sunday afternoon before racing eastward on Sunday night.

Power outages may occur as these storms blast through with wind gusts powerful enough to knock over power lines and blow down large tree limbs.

A few brief tornadoes may spin up as well, particularly late in the afternoon in eastern New Mexico and western Texas.

Not only will damaging wind gusts and large hail impact the region, but there will also be the threat of flash flooding.

While storms expand eastward through Sunday night and into Monday, an area of steady rain is forecast to develop over Kansas, Nebraska and eventually Missouri.

Moisture getting drawn in from the Gulf of Mexico will help to fuel torrential downpours which can lead to localized flash flooding both in this area of rain and in areas hit by severe thunderstorms.

If you are driving and come across a flooded roadway, you should avoid driving through it. Turn around, don't drown.

Although this rain may cause flooding, it will be good news for portions of the Plains that are currently experiencing an extreme drought.

Even though much more rainfall is needed to end the drought, the rain expected to fall into Monday will help to put another dent in the drought conditions.

The threat of severe weather in the southern Plains is forecast to continue into Monday, focusing from southern Missouri to northeastern Texas.

Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas, will finally have a break from thunderstorms as they shift to their east after being impacted by storms on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Storms are expected to continue to shift eastward on Tuesday, stretching from Kentucky to Louisiana and allowing dry weather to return from Nebraska to Texas.