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Record-Challenging Heat to Bake California

The heat from Saturday will peak Sunday and Monday across the interior of California with numerous record highs being challenged.

Widespread triple-digit is set to bake California's Central Valley and deserts Sunday and Monday as a ridge of high pressure builds overhead.

For the Central Valley, the next couple of days will yield the highest temperatures so far this year.

Sacramento has yet to crack the century mark this year, but that should change before the weekend is over. While Sunday's record high of 108 F from last year is likely out of reach, Sacramento will challenge Monday's record of 102 F from 1986.

Other communities in the Central Valley that will challenge record highs Sunday and/or Monday include Redding, Merced, Fresno and Bakersfield.

Despite temperatures soaring to near 110-degrees in the Lower Deserts, such as Palm Springs, record highs for Sunday and Monday are closer to 115 F and should stand through this hot spell.

"If one is looking to cool down, take the drive to the coast, along with many thousands flocking to seek relief from the heat," stated Western Expert Meteorologist Ken Clark.

"The marine layer will keep these areas considerably cooler with mostly 60s and low 70s. Morning clouds will start the day and then clear to sunshine, but some of the beaches may only partially clear."

Fog dramatically reducing visibility may also become an issue at some beaches in the morning.

For those who cannot head to the beaches, be sure to stay safe as temperatures sizzle by drinking plenty of water, wearing light-colored clothing and avoiding strenuous activities during the late-morning and afternoon hours. Staff Writer Katy Galimberti lists five quick and cheap ways to cope with summer heat.

Motorists should also remember to never leave children or pets in a vehicle with the windows up. A 15-month-old girl died just this past Wednesday after being left in an unattended car in Dolgeville, New York.

Sunday and Monday will be warm in Downtown Los Angeles with temperatures rising to the lower 80s, but a lack of Santa Ana winds will prevent the record heat from mid-May from being repeated. Riverside and some other valley locations, however, will turn hot enough to challenge daily record highs.

Since Santa Ana winds will not be present, the fire danger will also not be as extreme. Care, though, should still be taken when dealing with sparks, campfires and cigarette butts across the interior due to the ongoing drought, heat and low humidity.

The heat across California will ease Tuesday through Wednesday as the ridge shifts eastward, bringing a brief surge of heat to more of the Southwest and then the southern Plains.