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Trending: LeBron Cramps in Hot Arena, Lightning Blazes Truck

Weather has created a buzz in the news trends this week.

Last night, temperatures climbed inside AT&T Center in San Antonio causing problems during an NBA playoff game. Meanwhile, a video of lightning striking a truck went viral earlier in the week.

Temperatures Soar in San Antonio Arena, LeBron Cramps Up

In Thursday's Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs shared an opponent -- sweltering, cramp-inducing temperatures.

The air conditioner in AT&T Center in San Antonio broke after an electrical failure that left fans and players to deal with rising temperatures.

San Antonio temperatures peaked at 92 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday with a RealFeel® of 94 degrees Fahrenheit at tipoff.

LeBron James, forward for the Heat, was noticeably affected and had to leave the game briefly due to cramps.

The Mayo Clinic describes heat cramps as "painful, involuntary muscle spasms that usually occur during heavy exercise in hot environments." Dehydration contributes to the symptoms. Too much sweating can deplete the body of necessary salt and moisture.

ESPN reported that temperatures topped 90 degrees Fahrenheit inside the arena.

Players from both teams admitted that the steamy conditions had an impact on the game.

Gregg Popovich, head coach for the Spurs, said that the temperatures threw off normal game operations.

"Players were pretty dead. So we tried to get guys in and out a little bit more than we usually do. Kind of screws up the rhythm a little, bit but it was mighty hot out there," he said.

Outside the arena, social media erupted with reactions to the crazy conditions.

Lightning Blasts Truck on Canada Highway

CTV News Edmonton, Alberta, captured mind-blowing footage of a truck being struck by lightning while driving down a highway.

ABC US News | ABC International News

Video shows the truck engulfed in a cloud of fire. Al and Betty Perry, the vehicle's two occupants, survived the blast.