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Hottest Air So Far This Year to Bake Central Europe

The hottest air so far this year is set to bake central Europe early next week and potentially allow severe thunderstorms to ignite.

Temperatures will be on the rise across central Europe Friday through the weekend as a storm system lifts northward and gives way to a building ridge of high pressure.

After being held to the upper teens C (around 65 F) on Thursday, temperatures in Paris and Berlin will approach the 30-degree C (86 F) mark on Saturday.

For the majority of central Europe, even warmer days will follow for early next week.

"The strong ridge of high pressure will help pump some of the warmest weather so far this year into central Europe from Sunday into Tuesday of next week," stated Meteorologist Anthony Sagliani.

"The warmest days will be Monday and Tuesday."

Temperatures early next week will soar well above the warmest reading so far this year in Berlin and Munich, Germany; Prague, Czech Republic; Zurich, Switzerland; Luxembourg City, Luxembourg; and Budapest, Hungary. The same can even be said southward to Turin and Rome, Italy.

May 22 currently holds the distinction as the year's warmest day in Berlin with a high of 30.3 C (87 F). As the heat peaks on Tuesday, temperatures will approach 35 C (95 F).

Sagliani continued for comparison, "Normal [high] temperatures in Paris and Berlin are around 21 C (70 F)."

The surge of heat will also be accompanied by an increase in humidity, which will create even higher and more uncomfortable RealFeel® temperatures.

During the impending heat, residents are urged to drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and avoid strenuous activities during the midday and afternoon hours. If fans or air conditioners are not available, you can beat the heat by spending the day in cooler basements or public buildings such as malls.

Be sure to check on the elderly, children and pets to make sure they stay safe during the heat.

The combination of the heat and humidity may also set the stage for severe and potentially damaging thunderstorms to erupt.

While the hottest air will remain to the east, London and southern England will turn warmer for Saturday and could endure heavy thunderstorms with gusty winds and blinding downpours.

There is then concern that the cold front set to knock down the heat across central Europe next week could also spark severe thunderstorms with hail, damaging winds and flooding downpours.

At this time, the danger zone lies across western and northern France on Monday and eastern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland for Tuesday.

All residents in the above areas should continue to check back with for the latest details on the heat and severe weather danger.