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More Flooding, Severe Storm Clusters to Prowl Eastern Half of US

Additional complexes of thunderstorms will affect portions of the Plains, Midwest and South this week and this weekend with areas of flooding rain and severe weather.

Severe weather packing large hail and heavy rain rolled into Nebraska and Iowa on Tuesday. The storms developed into a large complex Tuesday night over Iowa, Missouri and Illinois, known as a derecho.

More than half the states in the nation can be affected by heavy and gusty thunderstorms to severe weather into the weekend. The storms threaten to bring problems ranging from travel delays and disruptions to outdoor activities to more serious consequences ranging from power outages, property damage and threats to lives.

During Thursday afternoon and night, a zone of thunderstorms will fire farther east from the Oklahoma Panhandle and eastern Colorado to southwestern Missouri and northern Arkansas. The threats will include wind gusts to 65 mph, large hail and flash flooding.

Spotty strong, drenching thunderstorms will stretch from northern Nebraska to western Minnesota and the eastern part of North Dakota Thursday afternoon and night.

Meanwhile, locally strong thunderstorms will also affect areas from the coastal Carolinas to northern Mississippi on Thursday.

On Friday, area of showers and thunderstorms are forecast to reach more than 1,200 miles from the Carolinas to Colorado with pockets of severe thunderstorms capable of bringing damaging wind gusts and flash flooding.

During the weekend, there is a chance that a large complex of thunderstorms will push eastward from the central Plains to across a portion of the Midwest, while additional storms continue to fire over the southern Plains and portions of the High Plains. The storms will unload drenching rain.

The swath of heaviest rain is forecast to reach from northern Texas to central Kansas, eastward to the southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

The cumulative amount of rain may top 6 inches in some locations spanning Thursday through the weekend.

While the pattern will lead to flooding problems, it will also bring some relief for those suffering in long-term drought.