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Strong Storms Target St. Louis to Columbus Wednesday

Folks in the Ohio Valley will be in a zone for potentially strong thunderstorms on Wednesday.

A warm and humid air mass will provide the fuel for scattered strong storms to form, especially in the afternoon when solar heating peaks.

Cities at risk include St. Louis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville and Charleston.

The biggest threats with these storms will be gusty winds and hail. Flooding downpours are possible as well.

Due to the slow nature of these storms, some areas may experience flash flooding as heavy downpours focus on a particular area longer.

Motorists caught out in a heavy downpour will experience poor driving conditions and may need to slow down or pull over until the heavy rain passes.

Flash flooding will be a concern as well. Those who are driving are urged to avoid such areas by finding an alternative route.

Major highways that may face delays include I-64, I-65, I-70, I-71, and I-75.

Although the weather pattern doesn't favor a widespread severe outbreak, some of these storms could pack a punch.

Gusty winds may topple trees and power lines, causing damage and forcing communities into the dark.

Minor damage is also possible from hail. People are urged to shelter their cars to prevent damage if hail does fall.

The majority of the storms will ignite in the afternoon and will dissipate early tonight.

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Other areas across the country will be at risk for strong storms as well.

An upper-level disturbance will jet into Montana and southern Saskatchewan on Wednesday and Wednesday night. Isolated strong storms will fire up late in the day.

Gusty winds and large hail are possible with these storms. An isolated tornado may occur as well.

The lower Mississippi Valley will be in a zone for drenching thunderstorms throughout the day. Storms may prove to be gusty at times, but the biggest threat will be the flooding rainfall.

The strong storm focus will be across the Dakotas for Thursday while non-severe storms dot the Southeast.