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Sunshine to Dominate San Francisco Skies This Week

Warmth and sunshine will kick off the week in the Bay Area.

Highs will be in the middle 60s to near 70 degrees though Saturday. For the first half of the week, abundant sunshine will accompany the warm temperatures.

As a result of the ample sun, the UV index will be at 8 or 9 this week, which indicates very high risk. Sunscreen should be applied before spending any times out doors. Drinking plenty of water will also be crucial for staving off dehydration.

Lows during the overnights drop down into the lower 50s. Cloudiness will be more prevalent overnight and in the mornings, especially near the coast, until the sun burns clouds away as the days progress. Even with increased cloud coverage, however, the UV index will still be high, and precautions will need to be taken.

Extreme to exceptional drought continues holding a firm grasp on most of the state. Without any precipitation in the coming days, fire dangers will remain high.

Wildfires continue to burn in San Bernardino and Mendocino national forests.