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More Rain for Flood-Ravaged South China

Recent heavy rain has claimed at least 19 lives across South China, and more rain is on the way.

Since Wednesday, Xinhua News Agency reports that torrential rain has left 15 people dead and five missing in Guangdong Province.

Flooding downpours over the weekend in Guizhou Province claimed another three lives, while a rescuer in Jiangxi Province died after his yacht capsized while searching for a missing middle school student.

Xinhua claims that the yacht capsized due to engine failure.

Also in Jiangzi, 5,000 residents of Pingxiang City remained trapped by floods as of midday Sunday (local time). More than 4,000 people had already been evacuated.

Rain amounts in 24 hours, ending at 8 a.m. local time Sunday (8 p.m. EDT Saturday) totaled 74.7 mm (nearly 3 inches) at Yuanling and 57.4 mm (2.26 inches) at Changsha. Both are located in Hunan Province.

Hunan Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters told Xinhua that the heavy rain caused the displacement of 16,000 residents and the collapse of 520 homes.

On Monday, the threat for flooding rain will focus on the provinces of Fujian, northern Guangdong, southern Jiangxi and southernmost Hunan.

Drenching showers and thunderstorms will then stretch from southern Fujian Province to northeastern Guangxi Province Tuesday and Wednesday, targeting the city of Guangzhou. The afternoon will likely prove to be more active than the morning.

Some places will receive an additional 50 to 100 mm (2 to 4 inches) Monday through Wednesday. With the ground already saturated, new flash flooding problems are sure to result.

The majority of the thunderstorms will remain north of Hong Kong.

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