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Severe Storms to Boom Across Carolinas Friday

Thunderstorms with the potential for large hail, damaging winds, frequent lightning and blinding downpours will swiftly cross the Carolinas on Friday.

The strongest storms will occur over the central and coastal areas during the afternoon and evening.

Cities in the path of the storms include Fayetteville and Wilmington, North Carolina, as well as Columbia, Charleston and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The storms have the potential to slow travel in the area as they sweep through from northwest to southeast. The storms will have departed much of the central portions of the Carolinas by the late-day hours, but will converge on the coast.

Storms caused gusty winds and minor damage in the Charlotte, North Carolina area Friday morning, May 23, 2014. (Photo by Eric Sosnowski)

People should be alert for rapidly changing weather conditions as the storms are likely to move along at a swift pace. The good news is that the storms will not linger and many people will be able to quickly resume outdoor activities.

The storms will erase 90-degree temperatures surging into the region to end the week with highs in the 80s this weekend.

A disturbance is riding along the leading edge of advancing cooler and less humid air that will settle over the region Friday night and Saturday.