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London Lightning Strikes the Shard

Thunderstorms pushed across the United Kingdom Thursday afternoon, bringing one of the summer's biggest weather killers: lightning.

The tallest building in Europe, standing at 1,004 feet (306 meters), the Shard in London, was unable to escape the fierce lightning from the storm.

Many were able to capture the multiple strikes that reached the buildings peak throughout the storm, giving spectacular pictures.

More strong and severe weather will occur across Europe as more thunderstorms are on the way for England Friday. These storms are not expected to be as strong as Thursday's storms.

These severe storms will instead march eastward to mainland Europe. Countries from Denmark and southern Sweden through eastern Germany and western Poland all the way south to eastern Italy and Croatia will be affected. Cites of Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague will be at the highest risk.

In addition to frequent lightning and torrential downpours, these central Europe storms will also threaten hail as large as an inch (25 mm) in diameter and damaging winds through Friday evening.

On Saturday afternoon, thunderstorms will again fire through central Poland into the Czech Republic.