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Sunday Storms to Rattle Rapid City, Billings

A low pressure system ejecting out of the Rockies will bring the risk of severe weather to part of the northern Plains to close out the weekend.

Many of these storms are expected to develop late on Sunday afternoon from Montana to the Dakotas, lasting into the evening hours.

Billings, Montana; Rapid City, South Dakota; and Bismarck and Dickinson, North Dakota are just a few locations that can have storms that produce hail as large as baseballs and damaging wind gusts past 60 mph.

People in these areas outside enjoying Sunday's warmer weather should be mindful of the thunderstorms as they can move in with little notice.

Frequent lightning associated with these storms can add danger to any outdoor activity, especially those in large open areas.

Remember that if you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning and should seek shelter until the storm has passed.

The same system responsible for these thunderstorms will progress eastward heading into the new week, tracking towards the Great Lakes.

Although thunderstorms are in the forecast from Nebraska to Wisconsin for Monday, it does not appear like there will be a widespread severe thunderstorm threat. However, a few storms may still be strong enough to produce small hail and some gusty winds during Monday afternoon.

This area will also experience showers and thunderstorms throughout a longer portion of the day, threatening outdoor activities in cities such as Minneapolis, Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska.