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Summertime Heat Remains on Hold in the Northeast

The week leading up to Memorial Day will definitely not feel like summer across the Northeast with heat and humidity being held at bay.

Air conditioners and fans will get a break through the upcoming week as the weather pattern shaping up will help suppress summertime heat and humidity from the Northeast.

The one exception will be at midweek when warmer and more humid air will briefly surge into the mid-Atlantic, setting the stage for thunderstorms to rumble.

Fresh cool air will quickly sweep away the steamy air, causing the week to end just as it started.

For the first part of the week, near- to below-normal temperatures, with highs in the 60s and lower 70s, will be common.

Some residents around the eastern Great Lakes and central Appalachians may actually view Sunday as a cool end to the weekend with temperatures nearly 10 degrees below normal. Temperatures will fail to crack the 60-degree mark in Buffalo, New York, and Erie, Pennsylvania.

The air will also be cold enough for patchy frost and/or subfreezing temperatures in the normally colder locations around the Appalachians both nights of the weekend.

In addition to spring jackets, some may want to keep an umbrella handy with daily occurrences of showers through at least Monday. Additional showers will dot New England on Tuesday as thunderstorms approach the eastern Great Lakes.

While occurring more numerous across Maine, the showers will generally be brief, spotty and only pose minor inconveniences to those with outdoor plans. The showers will mainly be confined to the midday and afternoon hours.

The good news is that without a tropical connection the showers are not expected to worsen flooding along already swollen streams and rivers.

The greater disruptions to outdoor activities, including possible delays at baseball games, may happen at midweek as the warmer and more humid air surges into the mid-Atlantic and a storm system triggers steadier rain and thunderstorms.

As that system tracks to Atlantic Canada, more showers will keep the Northeast damp later in the week and into at least the start of the Memorial Day holiday weekend as fresh cool air pours in.

While temperatures may then trend upwards for Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer may not feel as such with heat and humidity likely to still be held at bay.