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AccuWeather LIVE: Looking Ahead to Hurricane Season

On this weekly edition of AccuWeather LIVE, we will be taking a look at the upcoming hurricane season.

Molly Cochran will host meteorologists Dan Kottlowski and Dave Samuhel as they discuss our forecast for this season, and why, despite expecting a below-average number of storms, it will be imperative for coastal residents to not let their guards down.

Also on the show, Meteorologist Justin Povick will give the latest forecast updates, and Meteorologist Heather Waldman will highlight the recent extreme weather events from earlier in the week.

To watch the latest edition of AccuWeather LIVE, see the video below:

Meteorologist Andrew Baglini will explain the Enhanced Fujita Scale used to measure the intensity of tornadoes.

Our show's host, Meteorologist Mark Mancuso, will be on hand to go over what our fans have been discussing this week in our viral segment, as well as sharing some of our favorite user-submitted photos.

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