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More than 20,000 San Diego Homes Ordered to Evacuate Due to Wildfire

More than 20,000 homes in San Diego have been ordered for evacuation due to the raging Bernardo Wildfire in North County, according to a report from San Diego County officials.

The majority of the homes evacuated are located in the City of San Diego, according to the report.

The threat for continued spread of the fire will persist into Wednesday, Meteorologist Brian Edwards said.

"There is a northeast to southeast wind, which is a very dry wind and it is certainly conducive to the spreading of a wildfire," he said.

Temperatures in San Diego by 1 p.m. PDT had climbed to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, 26 F above the normal for the day.

"The 700-acre blaze erupted Tuesday morning, fueled by canyons full of brush and pushed by hot, dry winds," the Associated Press reported.

"At least two high schools and one elementary school also were evacuated," police Detective Gary Hassen told the Associated Press.

"The heat is going to continue right through into the end of the week," Edwards said, adding the wildfire risk is high because of unseasonably warm temperatures and dry air.

Looking ahead into Thursday, the wind should die down, he said.

No injuries have been reported as of late Tuesday evening.