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Heavy Rain For Tokyo, Southern Japan

The flooding rainfall over China from the weekend continues to push off to the east and is taking aim at southern Japan, even as far east as Tokyo.

Rainfall over the weekend in parts of China approached 20 inches (50 cm) as a cold front pushed off to the east. Just northwest of Hong Kong, rainfall totals of 10-20 inches (25-50 cm) were scattered over the region.

This rain will push into western Japan early Monday and slowly push off to the east. Most of the rainfall will fall in southern parts of the island as the rain pushes over the higher elevations. Some of the worst rainfall will be near Osaka and Nagoya.

Some of the rainfall over these areas could bring flooding. Also, mudslides and stronger wind gusts with the front passing through could bring down trees and power lines and also slow travel over the area.

This rain will slowly push into eastern Japan by later in the day and at night. Though the rain will not be quite as heavy as that off to the west, there could still be close to a half inch (1.25 cm) of rain.

Raindrops on a City Window, courtesy of Thinkstock

This rainfall will be moving off the eastern coastline by Tuesday morning and bring some nice weather for the next few days to the islands.

This occurs in a very wet month for Tokyo and Japan in general. Over 5 inches (12.5 cm) typically falls in Tokyo in May. Rainfall with this storm could bring totals to around half of what is normal.

After this storm moves off to the east, we should see very limited chance for rainfall over the week and even into early next week, so the rainfall will be quite needed.

Story by Meteorologist Alan Reppert