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VIDEO: Tornado Ransacks Playground in Tupelo, Mississippi

A security camera at St. Luke United Methodist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi, captured dramatic footage of the devastating EF3 tornado that tore through the town on April 28.

The NWS listed one fatality and 40 injuries from the incident. Estimates put the peak wind gusts at 150 mph for the tornado.

The deadly storm system that produced this tornado reigned over the eastern portion of the United States for five days, knocking out power to tens of thousands from Arkansas to the mid-Atlantic coast and taking more than 30 lives.

There were 121 tornadoes reported across the Deep South on April 28, along with 174 high wind reports and more than 60 reports of large hail.

Of the tornado reports, 21 have been confirmed from April 28. Two other tornadoes were also rated as EF3, with one EF4 that ripped across Mayflower, Arkansas.