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Rainfall Tops 400 mm Near Hong Kong, More to Come

Hong Kong and the vicinity has already endured flooding rain, and more is on the way for this weekend.

A nearly steady train of heavy rain and thunderstorms took aim at the Hong Kong area Thursday night through Friday evening, leading to impressive rainfall totals.

One weather observing site in Taishan, China, (located west of Hong Kong) was inundated by 408.7 mm (16.09 inches) of rain in 24 hours, ending Friday evening local time.

Hong Kong received 97 mm (3.82 inches) in 18 hours spanning Thursday night through Friday.

The torrential rain triggered flash flooding in Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post reports. Roads in the Central and Wan Chai areas became submerged by flood waters, leaving many bus passengers stranded.

Temporary shelters were opened for those unable to return home due to the flooding.

The heavy rain was the result of a "stalled frontal boundary near the coast and plenty of tropical moisture streaming north and interacting with the front," stated Meteorologist Eric Wanenchak.

The flooding was likely a preview of what is to come this weekend with additional rounds of drenching rain and thunderstorms to occur ahead of and along a cold front.

Wanenchak expects rain amounts through Sunday to be similar to what occurred on Friday, generally averaging 75 to 150 mm (3 to 6 inches) with locally 300 mm (a foot) or more.

New flash flooding problems are sure to result not only because the ground cannot handle more rain, but also since the rain will pour down at a rate of 25 to 50 mm (an inch or two) an hour at times. A few communities could even see such rates reach 100 mm (4 inches) an hour.

Conditions will worsen where flooding is already underway, while landslides are another concern.

More people could find themselves stranded as additional roads become submerged. Remember not to walk or drive through flood waters. It only takes 150 mm (6 inches) of moving water to knock someone off their feet and 300 mm (a foot) can float a car or small SUV.

In addition to the rounds of rain, south of southeasterly winds of 25 to 40 kph (15 to 25 mph) will howl through the weekend. Isolated gusty thunderstorms may also occur, especially later Sunday through Sunday night.

The combination of the rain-soaked ground and the persistent windy conditions will make more trees susceptible to fall during a gusty thunderstorm.

The flooding downpour threat will also stretch northward across eastern China to south and east of Beijing this weekend. Drenching thunderstorms are expected to cross Shanghai late Saturday night through Sunday, dropping 25 to 50 mm (an inch or two) of rain.

The wet weather around Hong Kong will not end with this weekend as additional showers and thunderstorms will follow for next week.

"Hong Kong might get a brief break on Tuesday with only isolated activity, but the storminess should pick up again at midweek," stated Wanenchak.

"Any additional rain would be a big deal," Wanenchak added in terms of flooding concerns.