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Twitter Erupts as High Plains Locals Lament Wild Weather From Heat to Snow

Roller-coaster weather across parts of the High Plains this week has residents and visitors on their toes, unsure what Mother Nature will throw down next.

Across the state of Colorado this week, locals experienced a whirlwind of weather as the week started out with warm, dry weather, as temperatures soared into the 80s across much of the state throughout the day Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Then, on Wednesday, severe storms brought hail, tornadoes, lightning and rain to portions of northeastern Colorado. Temperatures plummeted, and snow began falling across far northeastern Colorado by Thursday morning.

Nearby in Nebraska, a similar pattern unfolded as some areas across southwestern Nebraska climbed well into the 80s on Tuesday accompanied by high fire danger. The next day severe storms brought tornadoes, hail and strong winds to portions of the state. Early Thursday morning, some of the same communities hit by severe weather in western Nebraska woke up to springtime snow.

Those in South Dakota were along for the ride too, as sunny skies, warmth, thunderstorms, rain and snow all blanketed various portions of the state this week.