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Heat Being Held at Bay for the Northeast

The heat set to expand eastward from the southern Plains next week will not be quick to race to the Northeast and may even avoid much of New England.

The return of 75-degree warmth is not in the offering for the Northeast through at least Wednesday.

Some mid-Atlantic communities, including Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., will see temperatures rise into the lower 70s on a couple of days. Otherwise, highs in the 50s and 60s will be common across the Northeast.

Near the eastern Great Lakes and northern New England is where temperatures will mainly be held to the 50s, which--outside of northern Maine--is cool for early May.

Numerous showers and gusty winds will usher in fresh cool air for Sunday. Spotty showers and a breeze will linger through Monday.

The winds will calm enough for frost and freeze concerns in parts of northern Pennsylvania, upstate New York, western Massachusetts and northern New England (west of I-95) Monday and Tuesday nights.

Bradford, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding typically colder areas may even dip to freezing Sunday night.

It will take later in the week for 80-degree warmth to surge back to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and the rest of the mid-Atlantic as the storm system threatening to spark more severe weather across the Plains heads eastward.

However, the storm may track in such a fashion to prevent the warmth from spilling across upstate New York and most of New England.

"Exactly where the storm's frontal boundary sets up with clouds, showers and thunderstorms will determine which areas hit 80 F and which places only 100 miles away hover in the 50s and 60s," stated Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

It will be a close call late in the week with the surge of warmth versus stubborn cooler air in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and western Massachusetts. This includes New York City, where temperatures have yet to crack the 80-degree mark this spring.

Confidence is higher for the late-week warmth stopping short of reaching Boston, Portland and Burlington, Vermont.

"As far as prolonged warmth for eastern and northern New England, that will likely hold off until the weekend of May 17-18," according to Long Range Forecaster Mark Paquette.

Residents elsewhere in the Northeast should not put away their jackets when temperatures spike late in the week.

Paquette anticipates another shot of cool air around Tuesday, May 13 with the threat of frost across the interior Northeast during the following couple of days.