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Tuesday's Solar Eclipse Viewing Conditions for Australia

The first solar eclipse of the year will be visible across parts of Australia on Tuesday.

The eclipse will spread from southwest to northeast across Australia between 6:30 UTC and 8:00 UTC Tuesday.

The greatest percentage of eclipse will be visible across far southern Western Australia, southeast South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

As always, the weather will play an important role with cloud cover reducing the visibility or completely obscuring the eclipse from view.

A storm system will produce widespread clouds over eastern South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and south and eastern parts of New South Wales. These areas can expect poor viewing conditions as a result of the clouds.

Some clouds around Sydney may impair the viewing for some, but the eclipse will be viewable.

Some of the best viewing conditions are expected for the cities of Perth and Brisbane where skies will have few or no clouds during the event.

The final solar eclipse of the 2014 year will be visible across much of North America on Oct. 23.