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Strong Storms to Ruffle Mississippi Valley Thursday

Remnants of thunderstorms on the High Plains from Wednesday will re-fire farther east over the Mississippi Valley Thursday into Thursday night.

There were more than 70 reports of large hail and damaging wind gusts from the storms on Wednesday.

Warmth from the afternoon Thursday will give the storms new energy that will last into the evening hours as they move along.

People spending time outdoors should keep an eye out for rapidly changing weather conditions. Seek shelter indoors as the storms approach.

The storms bring the risk of golf ball-sized hail, 60-mph wind gusts, frequent lightning strikes and flash flooding.

Cities at risk for disruptions and minor damage from the storms include Jonesboro and Little Rock, Ark.; Memphis, Tenn.; Mt. Vernon, Ill.; Evansville, Ind.; Paducah, Ky.; Greenville, Miss.; and Springfield, Cape Girardeau and St. Louis, Mo.

Farther north in Illinois and southern Wisconsin, a couple of gusty downpours with thunder and lightning are in store. The sort of weather can affect Chicago and Milwaukee for a time.

As these storms cross major metro areas, the potential for travel delays will increase due to poor visibility, water running across roads and shifting winds at airports.

The storms will strengthen through the afternoon and into the early evening hours, before gradually weakening later on Wednesday night.

The system responsible for the thunderstorms shift toward the Atlantic Seaboard on Friday.

Some locations from southern Virginia to northern Florida may be hit with a storm Friday afternoon and evening that bring strong, gusty winds, hail and flash flooding.

Soon after the current storm system exits the Atlantic coast, a much more extensive and potent severe weather outbreak is likely to erupt over Texas and the central and southern Plains later Saturday. This new outbreak may crawl eastward across the South and part of the Midwest, producing a multiple-day severe weather outbreak.