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PHOTOS: Violent Thunderstorms Charge From Nebraska to Texas

The first widespread severe weather outbreak of the week began Wednesday, April 23, 2014, spanning from Nebraska down through west-central Texas.

Lasting into early Thursday morning, the fierce thunderstorms brought damaging winds up to 70 mph and golf ball-sized hail to portions of Texas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

In the wake of the storms, approximately 4,000 were left without power across Oklahoma and Nebraska. However, in Kansas the setting sun combined with storm clouds made for a picturesque sunset.

While the severe weather threat diminished early Thursday morning for this region of the country, severe thunderstorms may fire up farther east across portions of southeastern Missouri, Arkansas, western Tennessee and northern Mississippi. Gusty winds and hail will be the biggest concerns with these storms.

Another dangerous, multiple-day severe weather outbreak will arise this weekend. Tornadoes are among the threats that loom with this next round of storms.