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Dry Clean-Up Follows Deadly Chile Fires

After fires in Valparaiso, Chile, were declared under control Thursday, clean-up efforts begun.

The fire has still not been extinguished completely, as of Friday morning, but the damage has already been done. The blaze started Sunday as a forest fire but quickly expanded and destroyed near 3,000 homes and killed 15 people according to officials.

Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, hopes to restore hope to the city amongst the tragedy, CBN News reported.

"What we're looking at in terms of reconstruction is how to rebuild in a more orderly manner, better and more worthy," Bachelet said in an interview with radio station El Dario de Cooperativa.

For the clean-up and rebuilding process over the next week, more dry weather is expected. Sunshine with temperatures in the middle to upper 60s F (18-20 degrees C) will continue into the early part of the new week, making it rather comfortable for volunteers and those aiding the city.

However, the continuing dry weather could spark more fires.

As Meteorologist Alan Reppert described, higher winds off the waters of the South Pacific Ocean, like those that occurred during the fire are common for this time of year. Combined with the little rain Chile has seen as of late, this is prime weather for quickly spreading wildfires.

The rainy season for the area does not begin until May, with the peak of the wettest weather in June or July. However, following what was a drier-than-normal wet season last year, the wildfire threat could continue later than May.