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Over a Foot of Rain Floods Parts of Philippines

A sluggish tropical disturbance that has already dumped over a foot (305 mm) of rain in parts of the Philippines will continue to cause flooding across the country through the rest of the week.

The moisture associated with what once was Tropical Storm Peipah sat across the Visayas through the weekend, dumping torrential rain on the region. While still wet, less rain fell in the other two regions of the Philippines, Luzon to the north and Mindanao to the south.

Although Peipah is no longer an organized tropical system, plentiful tropical moisture is expected to remain over the central Philippines for the next several days.

Eventually, this wave of wet weather will slide westward into the South China Sea by the end of the week, signaling a return to more typical bouts of showers and thunderstorms across the country. Until then, flooding problems are expected to continue, especially where rainfall has exceeded 6 inches (152 mm).

Total Rainfall Sunday through Tuesday

Rainfall in Inches (mm)
Punta Maria
12.54 (318)
12.47 (371)
7.38 (187)
5.09 (129)
4.57 (116)
3.70 (94)

The country is prone to excessive tropical rainfall due to its location near the equator and the warm water surrounding the islands.

The worst flooding problems across the islands typically stem from tropical systems that plow through the region. One of the worst, Typhoon Haiyan, devastated the area last November.

Unfortunately, many locations still struggling to rebuild from that storm will be in the path of the heavy rainfall over the next several days.

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