Nice Weather For The London Marathon

The weather is looking to be great for the runners in the London Marathon Sunday. In fact, this nice weather looks to continue into the early part of the week.

A high pressure off to the west will help to push a weak storm over Scotland and the North Sea, bringing just a few clouds to London for the marathon.

This high pressure will also lead to little more than a light wind for the day Sunday and even for Monday and Tuesday.

The high pressure will even push slightly eastward, bringing with it sunny weather and mild conditions for all of the United Kingdom and into Ireland. High temperatures even look to climb a bit for the middle of the week.

After a warm start to the month of April and a warm beginning of the year, the temperatures look to remain on the mild side of things for Sunday into the early part of the week across London and all of England. The high temperature for Sunday will be 64 F (18 C), and temperatures for the beginning of the week should hover between 60-65 F (16-18 C) for London into Wednesday.

The only thing this dry and sunny weather is not bringing is rainfall which has been lacking for the past month and a half for England. But, with much of the winter months seeing flooding rainfall over the United Kingdom, this lack of rain is helping most that have seen the heavy rain.

The next chance for rain will be late Wednesday and into Thursday as a cold front approaches from the north and west. But even then, the sunny and mild weather should return for the weekend.

Story by Meteorologist Alan Reppert