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Late Weekend to Bring Spring Snow to Denver

Sunny and warm conditions with temperatures in the 70s will remain in Denver through Saturday afternoon. However, a chance of snow is in the offing for the city late this weekend.

The warmer-than-normal air will be interrupted by a dramatic decrease in temperature Saturday night into Sunday with a chance for snow accumulation Sunday.

This type of dramatic change in temperatures is not uncommon this time of year for Denver.

"[Denver] goes from one extreme to the other a lot of times in the springtime," AccuWeather Meteorologist Ken Clark said. "Fall is the same way. They have huge drops in temperature."

The big change will begin Saturday night with temperatures falling into the mid-30s along with rain and drizzle, which will continue into Sunday morning. During the day Sunday, clouds will hover over the city and it will be much colder with highs in the low 40s.

The precipitation, mixing with the cold air, could lead to icy spots on some of the roadways. Residents should take caution when driving.

During the day Sunday, accumulation will be more likely on grassy surfaces, rather than paved surfaces, but the wintry weather could still lead to traffic problems, particularly on Interstate Highway 80 through the pass west of Denver.

On Monday, the weather will warm up with temperatures climbing to near 60 F before turning even warmer for the middle of the week.