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Severe Storms to Rattle Augusta, Charlotte and Raleigh

It's shaping up to be a wet and stormy start to the week in the Southeast as severe thunderstorms take aim at the region.

The same system responsible for rounds of rain and gusty storms on Sunday in the Deep South will be the driving force behind these storms, focusing from Alabama to the Carolinas.

Impacts from these storms may be felt all across the country as the nation's largest airport hub, located in Atlanta, lies in the path of these storms.

This could result in flight delays and cancellations to mount as the storms produce poor flight conditions around the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for both inbound and outbound flights.

The storms will start the day over Alabama and the Florida Panhandle and expand eastward towards the Atlantic coast through Monday evening.

This area includes the cities of Montgomery, Ala.; Atlanta and Augusta, Ga.; Tallahassee and Jacksonville, Fla., Charleston and Columbia, S.C.; and Charlotte, Fayetteville and Raleigh, N.C.

Gusty winds and blinding downpours appear to be the main threats from these thunderstorms with some stronger storms capable of spinning up a few brief tornadoes.

Heavier downpours associated with these storms may also result in flash flooding.

Folks headed to Augusta, Ga., for the practice rounds for the 2014 Masters should prepare for this weather and know where to seek shelter if one of these storms moves through.

Not only will the threat of severe weather be found over the Southeast, but also portions of the Ohio Valley.

These storms are not forecast to become as violent as those farther south, but can still produce damaging wind and hail.

The threat of severe weather is expected to diminish through Monday night, but the system will continue to delver rain to portions of the East through Tuesday.

This will continue the threat for flooding, particularly the parts of New England where snowmelt will contribute to flooding.