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Week of Big Temperature Swings for Midwest, Northeast

A roller coaster ride is the best way to describe the trend temperatures will be on this week across the Midwest and Northeast.

This week will feature the typical up-and-down temperature swings that are common in spring as the transition from cold to warm weather continues.

A storm tracking northeastward from the Gulf Coast with its soaking rain will erase the mild weather closing out this weekend.

New England will be the exception with the rain not expected to arrive until Monday night.

Brisk winds in the wake of the storm will usher fresh cool air across the Midwest on Tuesday. The Northeast's I-95 corridor will actually experience a rebound in temperatures this day before the cool winds blow on Wednesday.

The latter part of the week will feature warm air surging from the Plains to both the Midwest and Northeast. The warmth will first cause Downtown Los Angeles to challenge a record high.

Highs in the 60s will be common across the Great Lakes and Northeast with 70-degree warmth returning to the Ohio Valley and parts of the mid-Atlantic.

For many, the warmth will cause temperatures to top the previous chilly day's high by 10 to 20 degrees.

Thursday or Friday will either rival or could become the warmest day so far this year in the Northeast. This includes in Albany, N.Y., Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

While many will welcome the mild days with open arms after the unusually cold winter, rising temperatures could lead to some problems.

Runoff from melting snow across the upper Great Lakes and northern New England may overwhelm streams and rivers. That is especially true where the ground is saturated or rivers are already running high from recent rain (or from the rain that will fall with the early week storm).

Lawns will also green up and more buds and blossoms will come out this week, which will be bad news for allergy sufferers.

The late week warmth does not mean an end to additional blasts of chilly air through the rest of April.