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Heavy Rain May Bring Flooding to Midwest, East Next Week

A round of drenching rain on soggy ground early next week could cause flooding problems in parts of the Midwest and East.

A drenching rainstorm is forecast to sweep northeastward from the Gulf of Mexico spanning Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Enough rain can fall to push flood waters higher on area streams and rivers in parts of the Midwest, could cause flash flooding in the South and may bring the first significant flood threat of the season in parts of the Northeast.

In the wake of heavy rainfall from this week, some streams and rivers will be hovering at or above flood stage from Missouri to Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan into this weekend.

National Weather Service hydrologists are expecting minor to moderate flooding to occur in parts of the Midwest this weekend, in absence of any additional rain. Rivers that bear watching in the Midwest include the Maumee, White and Wabash.

Melting snow and/or rainfall has also pushed some streams to bank full in parts of the Northeast.

The storm Sunday to Monday of next week has the potential to unleash 1 to 3 inches of rain from the central Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes and New England as it moves along.

While the new storm is forecast to move along at a swift enough pace to avoid widespread flooding, it may not move fast enough to avoid flooding where streams are already high or where snow melts quickly along with the rain.

Portions of northern upstate New York and northern New England had at least 20 inches of snow on the ground at the start of the day Friday, April 4, 2014. The snow contained as much as 6 inches of water in some areas.

In addition to the river and stream flooding potential, downpours and thunderstorms can cause another round of delays, especially in parts of the South and mid-Atlantic. The combination of rain, fog and low cloud ceilings could affect the timeliness of flights.

Lingering winter conditions during March have had a negative impact on sporting events, travel and commerce.

The frequent rounds of wet weather early next week and beyond may put another damper on outdoor activities ranging from baseball to walking the dog.

Rain could impact the Philadelphia Phillies home opener Monday afternoon as well as the first round of practice at Augusta National for the 2014 Masters.

Rain may hold off for other baseball games in New York and Boston on Monday. Rain delays are possible in St. Louis and Cleveland.

In the wake of the steady, heavy rain early next week, a pool of cool air is forecast to be accompanied by showers in parts of the South, Midwest and Northeast Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Meanwhile, the rounds of rain with above-freezing temperatures at night will continue to allow lawns to green up and more buds and blossoms to push out farther north.