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Warmth Prevails in London, Paris and Berlin

The unseasonable warmth felt across parts of Europe on Monday and Tuesday will continue for several more days.

As a storm system spins to the northwest of Spain, a warm southerly flow will keep temperatures 6-9 degrees C (10-15 degrees F) above normal.

In London, high temperatures ranged from 17-20 C (63-68 F) on Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday's high is expected to climb to 21, making it the warmest day of the year so far despite some clouds and even a shower or two in the area.

High temperatures will reach 18-20 C (64-68 F) on Thursday and Friday before cooler air arrives for the weekend.

While London will have to deal with occasional showers, Paris will remain largely dry through Thursday with highs ranging from 20-22 C (68-71 F).

While temperatures will remain warm on Friday, the threat of showers will increase in Paris.

A weak warm front will bring passing showers to Berlin on Wednesday, but temperatures will still climb to around 16 C (61F)

Dry weather and more sunshine are expected on Thursday as temperatures climb to around 18 C (65 F).

A cold front arriving on Friday will bring more widespread showers and knocking high temperatures down to 13 C (56 F).