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Storms, Rain Shift East for MLB Week One

Rain and thunderstorms will impact multiple baseball games throughout the first week of the MLB regular season from coast to coast.

Baseball fans headed to the ballpark on Tuesday evening in Oakland and Los Angeles should prepare for wet weather as a rain spreads across California.

Those in Oakland for when the Athletics host the Indians should pay close attention to changing weather as some gusty thunderstorms could blow over early in the game, possibly leading to game delays.

Drier weather is in store for most other games set to be held across the nation on Tuesday.

A new pattern is set to take shape by midweek; however, with rain and thunderstorms shifting over the Plains and eventually the Northeast.

Strong thunderstorms will erupt across the southern Plains on Wednesday afternoon and continue throughout the evening, possibly impacting the Texas Rangers as they host the Philadelphia Phillies in Dallas.

Fans and players alike should be aware of the dangers that thunderstorms bring, not only for this game, but throughout the entire season.

Lightning is one of nature's most deadly weather phenomenon, so those in the outdoors should seek shelter when a storm approaches.

The same system responsible for these severe storms will also spread rain from the central Plains to the mid-Atlantic on Thursday and Friday, dampening numerous games.

Rain is in the forecast on Friday for the cities of Washington, D.C., Chicago, Cleveland and Toronto; all of which are home to baseball teams set to host their first game of the season.

Fortunately, those planning to attend the Toronto Blue Jays open against the New York Yankees shouldn't have to worry about the rain as the stadium is fitted with a retractable roof, protecting the teams and fans from the elements.

A drier forecast is in store for fans attending the first home game of the year for the Boston Red Sox, the Colorado Avalanche and the Los Angeles Dodgers.