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Southeast China, Hong Kong Bracing for More Storms

Rounds of heavy rain and severe thunderstorms pummeled parts of southeast China and the Hong Kong area on Sunday.

An area of low pressure moving along a frontal boundary brought widespread 50-100 mm (2-4 inches) of rain to Guangdong province and the Hong Kong area with local amounts of up to 200 mm (8 inches).

The thunderstorms also produced wind gusts over 80 kph (50 mph) in some locations while damaging hail was also reported across the region.

The same cluster of storms held together through Monday bringing heavy rain and gusty winds to southern Taiwan.

A similar setup is expected across the region on Wednesday night into Thursday leading to another threat for flooding and severe thunderstorms.

Rainfall amounts of 25-75 mm (1-3 inches) will again target Guangdong province and the Hong Kong region with these storms, but local rainfall amounts can again exceed 150 mm (6 inches).

The storms will also be capable of producing damaging winds across the entire region with gusts of 65-80 kph (40-50 mph).