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MLB Season to Start Dry in East, Wet in West

The first games of the 2014 MLB regular season look to be dry and mild in the East, while those in the West may have to deal with rain and storms.

Drier, more springlike weather is set to return to much of the Northeast on Monday following a stormy weekend across the region.

This includes cities such as New York, Baltimore and Pittsburgh with baseball games set to be held in each city on Monday afternoon.

The opposite can be said about games in the West; particularly on Monday evening when the Oakland Athletics host the Cleveland Indians in Oakland, Calif.

A cold front moving into West will deliver rain to northern and central California with a few rumbles of thunder possible during the afternoon and evening.

This could lead to delays, especially if a thunderstorm rolls through during the game.

If one of these thunderstorms does move through during the game, fans should take shelter to protect themselves from lightning.

A similar story is expected to unfold for games on Tuesday with showers and thunderstorms across California, affecting games being held in Oakland, Los Angeles and San Diego.

Meanwhile, dry weather will prevail across much of the Plains and the East yet again for the second day of the 2014 MLB Season.

Temperature for First Pitch
Cubs @ Pirates 47 Degrees F Mostly Sunny, Mild
Nationals @ Mets 48 Degrees F Partly Sunny, Breezy
Red Sox @ Orioles 56 Degrees F Mostly Sunny, Breezy
Twins @ White Sox 65 Degrees F Cloudy with a Shower Late
Phillies @ Rangers 75 Degrees F Partly Sunny, Shower or T-Storm Around
Indians @ Athletics 55 Degrees F Cloudy with Rain
Mariners @ Angels 59 Degrees F Partly Cloudy