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PHOTOS: Powerful Spring Snowstorm Lashes East, Cuts Power

Mother Nature proceeds to show no mercy, as only a few days after the official start of spring, the East Coast was blasted with yet another major snowstorm.

Spanning from Virginia up through New England and parts of Atlantic Canada, the system brought snow to regions in Maryland and Washington, D.C., before heading up the coast and slamming Cape Cod, Mass., with blizzard conditions.

Grounding flights, causing traffic accidents and knocking out power to nearly 6,000 people throughout Massachusetts, the storm was accompanied by howling winds that gusted up to more than 80 mph in Nantucket.

The severity of the winds also generated dangerous travel conditions, as blowing and drifting snow whipped the island and surrounding areas.

As the storm moves out of the United States and into Atlantic Canada, the Maritimes and western Newfoundland, it will be accompanied by hurricane-force winds, producing treacherous travel conditions.

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