BREAKING: High Winds Hit Boston as Nine-Alarm Blaze Rages, Two Firefighters Die

High winds ranging between 35 and 45 mph pushed through the city of Boston late this afternoon as a structure fire raged along Beacon Street in the Back Bay.

Two firefighters have died after a fire broke out in a four-story building located at 298 Beacon St., according to the Boston Globe .

More than a dozen others have been reported to have sustained injuries during the blaze and were taken to the hospital, the Boston Globe article reported.

"At least three firefighters have been injured, one seriously," according to the Associated Press. "Fire department spokesman Steve MacDonald says a roll call is being done to make sure all firefighters are accounted for."

AccuWeather Senior Meteorlogist Alex Sosnowski said that there were high winds ranging from 35 to 45 mph at the time of the nine-alarm blaze in the brownstone structure and that strong winds would remain into Wednesday night.

"Temperatures are above freezing right now, but they will sink below freezing later tonight," he said, adding that freezing water and low temperatures could impact the fire department's efforts.

According to the Boston Globe, smoke is thick through the area, with heavy plumes of smoke filling the Back Bay.