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Cooler And Rainy For France, Germany

In a month that has struggled to see any rain and any cool weather over central Europe, we are looking at some cooler weather to move in over the next few days that will help bring these both closer to normal.

A storm moving into France and Germany will stall out over the area for the beginning of the week and pinwheel over the center of Europe for at least the next week. This will help to bring some welcome rainfall and even snow in the higher elevations of the Alps.

Parts of France and Germany have seen little in the way of rain and cool weather this month, and for the entire winter, some locations have seen temperatures well above normal. Paris, France, has seen temperatures nearly 6 degrees F (3 degrees C) above normal since the beginning of January.

Berlin, Germany, has seen temperatures similar to that of Paris, with just a bit cooler weather for the end of January and some much warmer conditions the rest of the year. Temperatures have average 6.5 degrees F (3.6 degrees C) above normal. Normal highs are 47 degrees F (8.3 degrees C), and on Friday they climbed to 71 degrees F (21.7 degrees C).

Some cooler weather will be welcome as a series of storms moves through. Saturday was the first of these storms, which brought some rainfall to France and Germany, but the truly colder air will wait until the middle of next week to move in. This colder air will also bring the threat for rain with it.

A strong storm will be stuck over France and Germany, which will cause the pattern for storms to shift over Europe. Temperatures will be several degrees below normal from France, through Germany and even into Italy. Some areas of southern Germany and France may be upwards of 6-10 degrees F (3-5 degrees C) below normal with this stormy pattern around.

Snow covered Alpine Mountains, Zirmbach, Austria, courtesy of

Rainfall will be somewhat spotty with this storm system, and more of the rainfall looks to be centered over southern France through Italy, though even northern France into Germany will see welcome rainfall with this. And snow will also be another issue with this system as snow levels in the Alps will drop to around 4,000 feet (1,200 meters). Snow in some of the Alps could accumulate over two feet with this series of storms coming through.

This cool air looks to get displaced for the end of the week and into the weekend as the cold air pushes into Spain and Portugal eventually with milder air surging in from the south for Germany and France.

Story by Meteorologist Alan Reppert