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Gusty, Drenching Storms to Hit Florida Spring Training, Breakers

Part of the same storm responsible for heavy snow in the mid-Atlantic will bring locally severe thunderstorms to Florida Monday.

The greatest threats from the storms are damaging wind gusts, flooding downpours and frequent lightning strikes. The storms have the potential to cause sporadic property damage and power outages.

Enough rain could fall to cause flooding in low-lying areas and cancel or delay spring training games.

People at area beaches, theme parks and golf courses should keep an eye out for rapidly changing weather conditions.

Florida is a popular destination for college students and families on spring break. There is the potential for arriving and departing flights in the area as the storms move through.

The greatest threat for severe weather exists over the central counties of the peninsula from Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa to Orlando, Winter Haven and Port Charlotte.

Farther north, the atmosphere will be cooled frequently by rain showers. However, there can still be a couple of heavy, gusty thunderstorms in the northern counties.

The remnants of the storms will reach the east coast areas from Miami to West Palm Beach later Monday night into early Tuesday morning in the form of localized drenching downpours.