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Photos of the Week: Seasons Divide Across the World

The seasons were split this week across the world with spring flowers abloom in the South and the United Kingdom but snow and ice abundant in the Midwest and Northeast.

Flowers and cedar trees spread pollen throughout portions of the South this week, distressing allergy suffers. On Thursday, March 13, 2014, pollen levels across northern Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and northern Texas were classified as moderate.

Farther west, a haboob rolled through portions of western Texas and New Mexico Tuesday night, as a dust storm reduced visibilities across the region and made for a picturesque sunset.

Simultaneously, across the Ohio Valley and the Northeast, Old Man Winter returned in full force. After the storm departed, tens of thousands were left without power as the storm caused major damage, roadway accidents and air traffic delays and cancellations across the region.

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