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Thunderstorms Dampen St. Patty's Festivities in New Orleans

Celebrations from the weekend all the way through St. Patrick's Day on Monday will be dodging showers and thunderstorms.

New Orleans has one of the biggest Irish celebrations across the country.

The wet weather will move in for Saturday with a spotty shower or two in the area, but heavier showers and thunderstorm will push through Saturday night.

The storms have the chance of being strong after midnight on Saturday, bringing gusty winds and some heavy, blinding downpours.

A thunderstorm or two will still linger for Sunday morning, threatening outdoor plans and parades up through noon.

Keep in mind that lightning is one of Mother Nature's most dangerous killers. If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning, even if the sun is still shining.

Showers stick around on Sunday afternoon but diminish overnight, leaving some sunshine in the forecast for celebrations on St. Patrick's Day on Monday.

However, behind the storm, noticeably cooler temperatures move in, with the afternoon high on Monday only in the 50s. It will be quite cool, in the upper 40s, for the Downtown Irish Club Parade Monday evening.