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Spring Fever Alert Issued for Midwest, East Saturday

Spring will tease the Midwest and East briefly Friday into Saturday and again early next week, thanks to a couple of pushes of milder air.

For some locations around the Great Lakes, the mild air will bring temperatures peaking in the 30s with melting snow and ice.

For locations farther south over the Ohio Valley and along the mid-Atlantic coast, temperatures will climb into the 40s and 50s in many areas.

From the Tennessee Valley to North Carolina and eastern Virginia, temperatures are forecast to make a run into the 60s.

In New England, temperatures will climb into the 30s and even the lower 40s on a couple of days.

While the pattern will not be free of precipitation everywhere and will be interrupted by a push of chilly air mainly on Sunday, the temporary break in the pattern will allow folks to get outdoors. Perhaps open the windows in the house to let in a little fresh air. Joggers and bicyclists will take to the streets, parks and trails.

Now might be the time to see if your car needs attention.

Where there is snow still on the ground, the milder weather will make it easier for novice, less cold hardy people to take to the slopes with their boards and skis.

Malls, stores and restaurants may notice an uptick in business.

It might even be a good to to check the status of your grill and fire up some hot dogs and burgers.

A few crocuses may emerge from the ground over the next few days across the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic. The 2014 National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., will not begin until March 20 and is scheduled through April 13.

Just remember the warm conditions during the day will cause some runoff. Some surfaces made wet by runoff during the day may freeze at night. Use caution with walking, biking or jogging first thing in the morning.

The mild spell may bring another round of potholes, so motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians beware.

The second half of next week may turn unsettled to stormy for a large part of the East and part of the Midwest. Early indications are that a major storm with snow, ice and rain may move up from the Gulf of Mexico.

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