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High Winds, More Rain to Sweep into France, British Isles

Despite a new month, the story will be the same for northwestern Europe as the string of storms continues through the first week of March.

Over the past week, several smaller but still potent storms have brought strong winds and rounds of showers to much of the United Kingdom and Ireland. In the UK, December and January were the wettest on record.

Through early Sunday, a swath of rain will plow through parts of Ireland and into northern England and southern Scotland. Snow can fall in northern Scotland. Widespread damaging winds are not expected, but a few gusts can reach 65 kph (40 mph).

While the quick-moving storm this weekend will feature showers and breezy conditions, a stronger storm system will emerge from the North Atlantic late Sunday.

Rain is expected to spread across the British Isles late Sunday with western Wales and western Ireland receiving the heaviest precipitation. In those areas, 25 mm (1 inch) of rain can fall with lesser amounts farther inland. Thereafter, wet weather will dive into France and northern Spain through Monday.

Although rain amounts will not be excessive, any additional rain is not welcome in southern England and parts of Wales that have had extensive flooding problems recently.

High winds, gusting between 65 and 95 kph (40 to 60 mph), will be a concern along the west coast of France Sunday night and Monday. Downed trees and power lines are possible.

Looking ahead, the persistently wet and windy weather pattern should continue through next week across the UK and Ireland. There are some indications that a drier stretch of weather may unfold the week after next.