Five Must-See Features on AccuWeather's New iPhone App

Now available worldwide, AccuWeather's new iPhone iOS 7 weather app made its debut on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014.

The state-of-the-art application gives users easy access to Minute by Minute Forecasts™, extensive radar, full-screen maps, comprehensive social sharing and more, all while providing enhanced opportunities for personalization. Weather conditions are arranged by context and potential impact for all of your saved locations.

"We've tried to give a deeper emotional experience, while still conveying the most impactful weather information," AccuWeather Product Manager for Mobile Applications Brandon Marsh said.

Supporting more than 20 languages, the new iPhone app provides 15 days of forecasts for free and 25 days for those who purchase the upgrade.

Forecasts for locations go more in depth, enabling users to view more details by simply tapping, then giving them access to 72 hours of forecast plus historical weather for the past six hours.

"We've never had, in my opinion, a more immersive, detail-rich and contextual mobile experience in an AccuWeather application before," Marsh said. "This is our first step with this app and we are super excited to continue to make it better in the coming months."

1. Minute by Minute Forecasts™

Enabling users to find out when precipitation will stop and start, minute by minute forecasts are available within the application for locations across the Continental United States.

Within the app, a two-hour summary will appear in a circular view showing viewers the type and intensity of precipitation and more importantly, letting them know exactly when it will begin or end. Even more so, users can enter their exact address to get an even more personalized minute by minute forecast for that specific location.

This portion of the application can be used simply by swiping a finger around the circle.

However, if the circle format is undesirable to some, viewers can choose to see the forecasts in a list view.

Weather alerts, watches and warnings will also be displayed for those in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

2. Much Faster, More Immersive Full-Screen Maps

"We've focused on maps and now support radar in not just the U.S. but in Canada, Northern Europe and Japan," Marsh said.

The application's maps are now full-screen, permitting users more in depth views and larger details.

3. Drop Pin

"We've heard from users that they love to compare weather conditions between locations, so we've kept that," Marsh said.

With one touch, users can drop a pin onto a map, giving them the current temperature and a custom-tailored weather icon for that location.

4. Launch Your Most Important Locations

Within the latest application, users are now able to save multiple cities and locations which will then be saved to the top of the application. This may prove useful for travel purposes, as people can now compare cities side by side.

These locations can be modified, re-arranged or removed at any time. Users can also add other locations whenever they please.

5. Even More Personalization

As one of the main focuses for the application, personalization is bountiful within the app.

While the order of the app's content is based upon consumption, users can re-arrange data sections based on their preference with a quick swipe. Users are additionally able to hide certain current weather conditions such as humidity, or wind speed, if they do not wish to see them. Hidden features can be brought back later if desired.

"At every point, we tried to think of what the viewer will want next," Marsh said.

After taking user's feedback into consideration, the app also allows users to easily change back and forth between Fahrenheit and Celsius by tapping on either one.

To download AccuWeather's iPhone iOS7 weather application, visit the Apple App store now.