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Severe Weather Thursday for Memphis, Cincinnati

Uncommon February thunderstorms will stretch from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast, threatening severe weather.

Two storms will morph together in the central states Thursday, creating a drastic change in weather for some locations in the Midwest.

While snow brings blizzard conditions to Minnesota and Wisconsin, thunderstorms will be brewing only a few hundred miles to the south.

Thunder will accompany rain from Missouri and Illinois to Louisiana, moving eastward to Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi late in the day.

As the storm continues to blossom, some severe weather is possible, with gusting winds and even isolated tornadoes.

Locations most at risk include Cape Girardeau, Mo.; Little Rock, Ark.; and Jackson, Miss.; by Thursday afternoon. Into the evening, the list of impacted areas expands eastward to include Cincinnati, Ohio; Louisville, Ky; Nashville and Memphis, Tenn.; and Huntsville, Ala.

The cities of Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit could also see some heavier thunderstorms.

The gusty winds with these storms extend further north Thursday, reaching the Ohio Valley and southern Ontario.

These potentially severe storms will then move eastward for the end of the week, threatening those along the Atlantic Coast on Friday.