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WATCH: Horses Thrilled by Plentiful Snowfall

The wonderment of this year's winter may have faded for many with the tremendous amounts of snowfall and bitterly cold air.

But horses, not burdened with snarled travel and continuous shoveling, can still be enthralled with the abundance of snow. The video above shows a horse named Stetson enjoying his surrounding snow.

Valerie Pringle, equine specialist for the Humane Society of the United States, explained some horses love to play in the snow. "It's not rare at all," she said.

In fact, most healthy horses are better suited for colder climates.

"They seem to adapt better to the cold than the heat," Pringle said.

The winter months do require extra precautions to ensure horses' safety and comfort. Horses that have short hair can also benefit from wearing a blanket during the winter, as Stetson is.

They also need extra food and water to regulate their body temperatures. Water heaters are often used to ensure constant access to drinking water in below-freezing temperatures.

During the video, Stetson is seen rolling around in the snow. "A lot of horses can't do that kind of a roll in their stall, so it feels really good for them to go out and scratch those itches. That's just the sign of a really happy horse," Pringle said.

The video below shows more horses enjoying snow in January 2014.

With the country drudging through the remainder of winter, at least some horses will remain enthused.

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