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PHOTOS: Relentless Winter Slams Midwest, Northeast Up Next

Yet another major winter storm system is underway, bringing rounds of snow and ice to areas from the Midwest through the Northeast Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday, as the storm moved through the mid-Atlantic region it halted air traffic, canceling and delaying more than 1,000 flights at Chicago O'Hare, Chicago Midway and Minneapolis St. Paul airports.

Heading into Tuesday morning, the storm will move northeastward impacting some of the major cities in the Northeast, including, Detroit and Pittsburgh.

Into Tuesday night, snow will bury portions of the Northeast that have already been hit hard by recent snowstorms.

New York and Boston will feel the wrath of winter again as the storm brings accumulating snow to the area Tuesday night.

Power outages are a major concern in the region due to the sheer amount of snow that has already fallen in the last week.

For the full story on the snowstorm, read here.

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