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Over a Foot of Snow Slams New England

The storm that ended this past week caused travel delays across much of the East, and left its mark with more than 12 inches of snow in some places.

Early Sunday morning, the storm was finally winding down across the majority of the United States, with lingering snow in eastern Maine.

Snow began sliding in from the Ohio Valley on Friday night then spread from Pennsylvania and Maryland into New England late on Saturday morning.

The FAA reported excessive delays at airports in the I-95 corridor.

Some flights were delayed 3.5 hours at Newark Airport, with 1- to 2-hour delays at JFK and Philadelphia International.

Approximately 1,000 flights were cancelled in total with more than 4,500 delays because of the storm.

Road crews in New England midday on Saturday had trouble keeping up with the storm. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick even advised motorists to stay off the roads east of Worcester on Saturday evening through Sunday.

Visibility was extremely restricting for the evening commute while many highways remained covered.

Snow totals across the Northeast ranged from 2-4 inches in central Pennsylvania to more than a foot in Massachusetts. Reports of a total of 15.5 inches of snow were coming in from Sandwich, Mass., as of early Sunday morning.

When the snow is done falling in eastern Maine and southeastern Canada, snow totals could be just as high.

Another wave from the Midwest is expected to push more snow into the Northeast for the early part of the week.