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Midwest, Northeast Snow Train Continues Monday and Tuesday

There will be no rest for the snow weary from the Midwest to East Coast as yet another quick moving system threatens to lay down a swath of several inches of snow from Minnesota to Massachusetts Sunday night through Tuesday.

An onslaught of winter storms has buried much of the Northeast over the past few weeks. While this upcoming storm is not expected to be a historic event, it can snarl travel, resulting in more flight delays in a winter full of them already.

A disturbance riding along the U.S./Canadian border is expected to first bring snow to Minnesota and Wisconsin Sunday night, with a wintry mix across Iowa and Illinois.

By Monday, winter weather should extend through the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. A surge of milder air should allow precipitation to remain mainly rain south of the Ohio River.

The heaviest snow from this storm is expected to fall in Wisconsin, northern Illinois and Michigan where some locations may receive a half foot. Chicago, Ill. should be hit hard by snow on during Monday.

Travel across the region Monday will be slowed by snow including I-39, I-75, I-90, and I-96.

The Northeast will feel the impacts of the storm Monday night and Tuesday. Shovels and plows will be needed again in many areas.

Flight delays are anticipated for many major hubs including Chicago, Ill., Detroit, Mich., and the three major airports around New York City.

Slippery sidewalks will once again be a concern as the snow falls and with cold nights and milder days in the wake of the snow, icy patches will develop.

For those in search of warmth, a brief break from the snow and cold is in store for the middle and end of the week.